An Ode to The Conversation

Ah, The Conversation!

We direct it, move it, shift it–

Call it debate, call it Spirited

Give it nuance; make it balanced

Just make sure you call it

The Conversation.


We blog about it, write about it

Have them in groups!

The dialogue; the discussion; the Panel!

Establishment minds, the hottest new pundits–

Old Media, New Media

The Left and the Right

Forever destined, and perpetually deadlocked–

All paid to engage in

The Conversation.


Who’s ready to Meet the Press?

Will it help us Face the Nation?

How will it help us to prepare for The Daily Show

That’s Invented By Cable, and happens in Cycles?

Will it give us this day our Daily Rundown

In 60 Minutes

And expect it to happen before we have our Morning Joe?

Or will we need a Playbook for all that?


Joining me now; with us in studio

From our World News Mothership headquarters in New York

Come the best and the brightest

Bloggers and journalists; competing individual brands–

Presenting our problems, but never to solve

Delay another day

The Conversation.


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